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Hello everyone, and welcome to 'The SpecifiCity Project'!

My name is Gayatri Suryawanshi, and I am passionate about cities, places, people and art.

If anything the current pandemic has taught me and many of us is to pursue our passions to overcome the boredom of long days and nights in lockdown. So, after years of procrastination, I decided to share my experiences and photographs of the many cities I have travelled to, or lived in and have fond memories of.

I am as architect, urbanist, designer and an artist (self-proclaimed!!) and a lover of cities and public spaces. I was born in India and raised by an intrepid mother, who inspired me and helped me discover my passion for travelling. Pursuing a career in urbanism and travelling to new places, observing people and cultures, experiencing the new and unknown, and most importantly understanding and learning from each city has enriched my life. 
London is my home, where I live with my husband (K) and my son (K). K+K share my passion for travelling and are the reason the journeys are so exciting and fun. They both are always happy to strike a pose and don't mind me sharing the fun moments.
For years, I have been contemplating creating a way to share my thoughts and experiences as a designer - architect - traveller - observer of the Cities, its Places, its People and Art. I have finally decided to express my thoughts, and write about my passions and curious wonderings about our world, particularly the cities I have visited. Through this blog, I want to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind and also to create a platform for city enthusiasts to share thoughts about their city.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to leave a message; I am always keen and available for an exciting conversation and collaboration in developing a ‘City Project’.

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